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Dr. Reeves founded HelthyIz International, Inc, in 1997. TEBS vitamin products are manufactured exclusively for Helthyiz International by Sun-Pac Manufacturing in Tampa, Florida, according to Dr.Reeves's specifications and using only high quality ingredients. The company's Mission Statement is "to provide high quality vitamin supplements for the eyes at affordable prices". HelthyIz International, Inc owns TEBS Eye Formula for Macula Support 2

The Macula Support 2 formula is based on the Age Related Eye Disease Study(AREDS2) and is intended for those with Macular Degeneration. The AREDS based products, such as our Macula Support 2 formula, is not a complete multivitamin. So those with macular degeneration who are taking TEBS Eye Formula for Macula Support 2 (AREDS based product) can also take a complete multivitamin.

TEBSŪ Eye Formula for Macula Support 2